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"Almost everything a parent needs to know about the challenges and rewards of children’s music lessons. . . . highly recommended source of advice and solace for anyone guiding a young musician’s life."
— KIRKUS Reviews

"Nathan drew on the experiences of 265 parents and educators for this book of advice, emotional support, and important reminders of why the pursuit of music is worth the sacrifice."
—Peter Dobrin, Philadelphia Inquirer/​

“. . . any music parent will find stories and advice that will resonate with them in this book. The sidebars and stories from professional musicians were particularly delightful . . . could also be considered essential reading for any music teacher. . . So whether you are a music parent (struggling or otherwise) or an educator who has found oneself counseling a frustrated music parent, this book is worthy of a place on your bookshelf!”
— American Music Teacher Magazine

“An important read for every family engaged in music studies: a delightful collection of ideas and moving accounts from loving, dedicated parents.”
— Aaron P. Dworkin, President, The Sphinx Organization

“I'm thrilled that Amy Nathan has provided such an encyclopedic guide. Now I can refer parents who ask about starting their kids in music to this thoughtful, balanced conversation among so many parents who have been there.”
— Theodore Wiprud, Vice President of Education, New York Philharmonic

“With clarity and passion, Amy Nathan portrays the struggle of everyday citizens to end racial segregation in Baltimore. This compelling history, for and about young people, is simple but profound like freedom itself.”
--Taylor Branch, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the trilogy America in the King Years.

The WASHINGTON POST on YANKEE DOODLE GALS: ". . . really sparkles when Nathan tells the stories of individual WASPs. Dozens of memorable black-and-white photographs showing the WASPs at work and play help round out this absorbing look at a group of gusty women who were ahead of their time."

Greatly Expanded 2nd Edition of THE YOUNG MUSICIAN'S SURVIVAL GUIDE

“What a great book to have in a studio or rehearsal room, just waiting for young musicians to pick up and explore. Fascinating bits of advice from both professionals and student musicians fill every page.”
-- American Music Teacher

". . . filled with practical advice about how to find time to practice, how to calm down before playing in public, and how to handle that chatterbox who sits behind you at rehearsal."
-- The New York Times

"An excellent book to introduce young musicians to those who have traveled the path before them....An ideal gift...for any orchestra buff."
-- American Music Teacher

"An upbeat title that should find its way into every core music collection."
-- Center for Children's Books

"Young dancers will find inspiration in this collection of pros' tales... the subjects share the challenges they encountered in their rise to success."
--Dance Teacher magazine

"...a chatty and informative look at 16 dancers, their childhoods, their training and their professional lives."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Nathan has a knack for choosing genuinely original and informative aspects of the dancers' lives, and chapters are bedecked with sidebar tidbits."
--Center for Children's Books

"Meet the Dancers is a perfectly wonderful book for anyone who wants to understand why pursuing a career in dance is so demanding and rewarding."
--Amanda McKerrow, Former Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre

“Amy Nathan's book describes the courageous struggle by blacks and whites to end discrimination in the park, the city and the nation. Youths who read this book will walk away with a clearer understanding of segregation and the valiant Americans who fought against this injustice.”
--Debra Newman Ham, Professor of History, Morgan State University

"A profoundly moving tribute to the intrepid unsung heroes who risked their lives to help bring an end to Baltimore’s Jim Crow Era. . . . the author seamlessly interweaves eyewitness accounts of the long effort to desegregate Gwynn Oak with descriptions of what was simultaneously transpiring elsewhere around the country in the Civil Rights Movement. "
--Kam Williams, syndicated columnist

“Round And Round Together tells the inspiring story of how a generation of college and high school students provided the energy and enthusiasm that ended racial segregation in Baltimore’s Gwynn Oak Amusement Park and changed the direction of Maryland’s history.”
--James Henretta, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland

"An excellent book to introduce young musicians to those who have traveled the path before them....An ideal gift...for any orchestra buff."
-- American Music Teacher

"An upbeat title that should find its way into every core music collection."
-- Center for Children's Books

PBS's Judy Woodruff on COUNT ON US: "With vivid detail, Amy Nathan paints a picture that puts women where they belong -- not on the sidelines, but at the center of our nation's history. This fascinating book is for everyone who is interested in the American military, or in American women."

"Perfectly pitched to its target elementary audience . . . a good choice for elementary classrooms as part of a Civil Rights unit. A winner." KIRKUS Discoveries

award-winning author of books on dance, music, women's history, civil rights — and on allowances and surviving homework, too!

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