“With vivid detail, Amy Nathan paints a picture that puts women where they belong--not on the sidelines, but at the center of our nation's history. This fascinating book is for everyone who is interested in the American military, or in American women.” Judy Woodruff, CNN

“In this splendidly designed and lucid narrative, Nathan uses sidebars about individual women soldiers and medical personnel along with a rich array of photographs to personalize every conflict . . . Alert readers will also see clearly how far women have yet to go to achieve equality in and out of the service." Kirkus

“This book is full of the stories of women who have served in every war this nation has ever fought in.”
Washington Post “KidsPost” Book of the Week

“In this clearly written, well-organized book, Nathan traces the gains they have made from the Revolutionary War to the present day, including the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Glimpses of each time period are skillfully woven into the text, providing a solid historical overview. . . . . Readers will find this book valuable for research and interesting for browsing.” School Library Journal, starred review

“With the Private Jessica Lynch story so much in the news, this engaging overview is likely to find an audience well primed to learn how times of national crisis have provided women opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and resolve.” Booklist

“The author of Yankee Doodle Gals offers another comprehensive historical account of women in history.” Publishers Weekly

American Women in the Military

Foreword by Walter Cronkite
Publisher: National Geographic

"You don't have to be six foot and male to have a brain and know how to use it."

That's what Colonel Mary Hallaren said in 1942 when an Army recruiting officer asked why she thought she should sign up to serve in World War II. That same spunky spirit has prompted American women to take part in every major war in the nation's history. This book tells some of their stories, from a young Massachusetts woman who cut off her long hair and disguised herself as a man to fight in the American Revolutionary War to female pilots flying combat missions in Iraq.

For many years women's contibutions in the military weren't mentioned much in history books. Until recently women had trouble even being allowed to serve because of a long-held belief that the military should be for men only. But that didn't stop thousands of women from pitching in to nurse wounded soldiers in the Civil War. Nor did it discourage the thousands who signed up as Navy yeomen office workers in World War I.

Times have changed and today more than 90 percent of the U.S. military's jobs are open to women. As you'll learn from this book, the road to acceptance hasn't always been smooth. COUNT ON US celebrates the courage, dedication, and determination of America's servicewomen. Their story is an important part of women's history and of the nation's history, too. Their "can do" attitude will inspire you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Best Nonfiction Book
Association for Women in Communications

Press Release from Association for Women in Communications - September 4, 2005
SEVERNA PARK, MD – Outstanding work by Amy Nathan has earned her an award in the 2005 Clarion Competition in the nonfiction book category for her book entitled COUNT ON US: American Women in the Military, published by National Geographic, with a Foreword by Walter Cronkite. This book presents an overview of the remarkable contributions women have made to the U.S. armed forces throughout American history, from the Revolutionary War to the current conflict in Iraq. Nathan is among the 118 winners in The Association for Women in Communications’ prestigious Clarion competition. . . .
In its 33rd year, the Clarion program honors excellence across all communication disciplines, including advertising & marketing, audiovisual productions, books & CDs, brochures, custom & special publications, education, film, fund development, magazines, major news event, newsletters, newspapers, on-line media, photography, graphics & design, communications, public relations, radio, and television.

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A "book-of-the-Week" in the Washington Post's Kids' Post

Starred reviews from:
* School Library Journal
* Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
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A portion of the author's royalty on the sale of copies of COUNT ON US is donated to The Women In Military Service for America Foundation