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AMY NATHAN is an award-winning author of books on music, civil rights, women's history, dance — & more!
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TOGETHE"An ambitious account of the legacies of Plessy and Ferguson . . . Undeniably timely and representative of the necessary work ahead." —Kirkus Reviews

TOGETHER: "Past and present are intertwined to provide a reflective space about race in America and the decisive action of advocates who fought and continue to fight for equal civil rights." — School Library Journal

"A Ride to Remember and Round & Round Together are both invaluable tools for engaging in challenging conversations about our nation and state's history. Now more than ever, Americans would be well served to acknowledge our fraught past and apply those lessons as we navigate another divisive time. The youth especially will need this knowledge and accompanying resources, as they will be the leaders who shape what values define our country for years to come." -- David Armenti, Maryland Historical Magazine, 2020