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Amy Nathan Newsletter

Here are links to recent blog posts about how music schools and music programs are copings with the COVID-19 social distancing requirements. 


"How after school music programs have adapted to online music playing"
Music schools respond to COVID-19 shutdown



Here are links recent online readings of A RIDE TO REMEMBER, and some recent interviews, too.

Author Talk with Sharon Langley and Amy Nathan—online until May 30, 2020


WYNC Interview with Sharon Langley and Amy Nathan on All of It https://www.wnyc.org/story/desegregating-amusement-park/?fbclid=IwAR3P89l0Wt11WIuPV1pFxwYOjeh4O9Ol2bUBA45v9NF_j_r48FHPFhG3JVw


Recent Music-oriented webinars

For parents:

Amy Nathan: Music Parenting Tightrope in the World of COVID-19/ at Thurnauer School of Music

For kids:

Webinar for kids: Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration


Quotes to Keep You Making Music: Quotes from Amy Nathan's Three Music-Advice Books


Reading Excerpt:
TIPS FROM THE PROS: pianist André Watts.