“This clever book provides some solid, as well as creative, suggestions for students who hate to do homework....the information is presented in a user-friendly, humorous format that will appeal to young people.” School Library Journal

“...Amy Nathan has compiled a list of tips to help kids handled everything from writer’s block to make homework bearable, maybe even fun.” Christian Science Monitor

“The casual tone of the text and cartoons, as well as the fact that these tips are teenagers’ suggestions, adds to the appeal ...” Horn Book

Tips That Really Work!

Publisher: Millbrook Press
Drawings by Anne Canevari Green


Homework — a word that's greeted with moans and groans. Well, tone down that groaning because help has arrived. It comes straight from students who have battled the homework monster — and won!

In this book, 300 top high school juniors and seniors share their secrets for surviving homework. Their study tips are down-to-earth and practical, often very creative, sometimes even a bit unusual. That's OK, say the experts. There's no one best way to study. People learn in many different ways.

So check out the tips in this book to see which ones to add to your bag of tricks, to help make homework less of a hassle.

The funny cartoons in the book by Anne Canevari Green should also help to lessen homework grumbles and gripes.

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